Gateway to the Classics: The Iliad for Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Church
The Iliad for Boys and Girls by  Alfred J. Church

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The Iliad for Boys and Girls
by Alfred J. Church
Vigorous retelling of Homer's Iliad, relating the incidents of the great siege of Troy, from the quarrel of the chiefs to the ransoming of Hector's body.  Ages 8-12
172 pages $11.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Of How the War with Troy Began
The Quarrel
What Thetis Did for Her Son
The Duel of Paris and Menelaus
How the Oath Was Broken
The Great Deeds of Diomed
Concerning Other Valiant Deeds
Of Glaucus and Diomed
Hector and Andromache
How Hector and Ajax Fought
The Battle on the Plain
The Repentance of Agamemnon
The Embassy to Achilles
The Story of Old Phoenix
The Adventure of Diomed and Ulysses
The Wounding of the Chiefs
The Battle at the Wall
The Battle at the Ships
The Deeds and Death of Patroclus
The Rousing of Achilles
The Making of the Arms
The Quarrel Ended
The Battle at the River
The Slaying of Hector
The Ransoming of Hector
The End of Troy

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