Gateway to the Classics: South Africa by Ian D. Colvin
South Africa by  Ian D. Colvin

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Front Matter

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The Land of Prester John
Vasco da Gama
The Story of Almeida
The Queen of Sheba's Mines
The First Martyr
The siege of Mozambique
Old Letters
Van Riebeck
Van Riebeck (Continued)
Van Riebeck (Concluded)
The House of Van der Stel
The House of Van der Stel (Continued)
How Table Mountain Got its Cloud
A Cape Pilgrimage-The Story of Sheik Joseph
The First Conquest by the British
The Second Conquest by the British
Old Cape Colony
Slachter's Nek
Kafir Wars
The 1820 Settlers
More Kafir Wars
The Great Trek
Natal and the Zulus
The Family Quarrel
The Family Quarrel (Continued)

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