Gateway to the Classics: The Children's Book of Christmas Stories by Asa Don Dickinson
The Children's Book of Christmas Stories by  Asa Don Dickinson

Table of Contents

The Christmas at Fezziwig's Warehouse
The Fir-Tree
The Christmas Masquerade
The Shepherds and the Angels
The Telltale Tile
The Little Girl's Christmas
A Christmas Matinee
Toinette and the Elves
The Voyage of the Wee Red Cap
A Story of the Christ-Child
Jimmy Scarecrow's Christmas
Why the Chimes Rang
The Birds' Christmas Carol
The Little Sister's Vacation
Little Wolff's Wooden Shoes
Christmas in the Alley
A Christmas Star
The Queerest Christmas
Old Father Christmas
A Christmas Carol
Hows Christmas Came to the Santa Maria Flats
The Legend of Babouscka
Christmas in the Barn
The Philanthropist's Christmas
The First Christmas-Tree
The First New England Christmas
The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner
Christmas in Seventeen Seventy-Six
Christmas under the Snow
Mr. Bluff's Experience of Holidays
Master Sandy's Snapdragon
A Christmas Fairy
The Greatest of These
Little Gretchen and the Wooden Shoe
Christmas on the Big Rattle

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