Gateway to the Classics: Indian Boyhood by Charles A. Eastman
Indian Boyhood by  Charles A. Eastman

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The North American Indian was the highest type of pagan and uncivilized man. He possessed not only a superb physique but a remarkable mind. But the Indian no longer exists as a natural and free man. Those remnants which now dwell upon the reservations present only a sort of tableau—a ficticious copy of the past.

The following chapters are the imperfect record of my boyish impressions and experiences up to the age of fifteen years. I have put together these fragmentary recollections of my thrilling wild life expressly for the little son who came too late to behold for himself the drama of savage existence. I dedicate this little book, with love, to Ohiyesa the second, my son.

Charles A. Eastman. (Ohiyesa.)

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