Gateway to the Classics: Stories of American Life and Adventure by Edward Eggleston
Stories of American Life and Adventure by  Edward Eggleston

Table of Contents

Front Matter

A White Boy among the Indians
The Making of a Canoe
Some Things about Indian Corn
Some Women in the Indian Wars
The Coming of Tea and Coffee
Kidnapped Boys
The Last Battle of Blackbeard
An Old Philadelphia School
A Dutch Family in the Revolution
A School of Long Ago
Stories of Whaling
A Whaling Song
A Strange Escape
Grandmother Bear
The Great Turtle
The Rattlesnake God
Witchcraft in Louisiana
A Story of Niagara
Among the Alligators
Song of Marion's Men
A Brave Girl
A Prisoner among the Indians
Hungry Times in the Woods
Scouwa Becomes a White Man Again
A Baby Lost in the Woods
Elizabeth Zane
The River Pirates
Old-fashioned Telegraphs
A Boy's Foolish Adventure
A Foot Race for Life
Loretto and His Wife
A Blackfoot Story
How Fremont Crossed the Mountains
Finding Gold in California
Descending the Grand Canyon
The Lazy, Lucky Indian
Peter Petersen
The Greatest of Telescope Makers
Adventures in Alaska

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