Gateway to the Classics: Old Time Tales by Lawton B. Evans
Old Time Tales by  Lawton B. Evans

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Jerome and the Lion
The Saint Who Stood on a Pillar
The Scourge of God
The Vandal Horde
King Clovis Becomes a Christian
A Camel Driver Becomes a Prophet
What It Meant To Be a Knight
Bertha with the Big Foot
Stories of Charlemagne
Charlemagne and the Magic Ring
Charlemagne and the Robber
Roland Becomes a Knight
The Death of Roland
How Normandy Came by Its Name
Olaf, the Boy Viking of Norway
The Cid Wins His Name
The Last Days of the Cid
The Lorelei
The Mouse Tower
The Devil's Ladder
Gerda's Ride to Her Wedding
Peter the Hermit
The Wives of Weinsberg
The Meeting of Richard and Saladin
Adventures of Richard, the Lion Heart
The Prince of Travelers
William Tell, the Swiss Patriot
The Swiss Defend the Morgarten Pass
Edward, the Black Prince
Big Ferré Keeps the Fort
The Legend of the Strassburg Clock
The Burghers of Ghent Refuse To Be Hanged
The Sacrifice of Arnold Winkelried
The Story of Joan of Arc
Bayard, the Knight without Fear
The Field of the Cloth of Gold
Dmitri, the Pretender
The Man with the Iron Mask
Stories of Peter the Great
Mazeppa, the Chief of the Cossacks
The Crime of Charlotte Corday

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