Gateway to the Classics: The Life of the Spider by Jean Henri Fabre
The Life of the Spider by  Jean Henri Fabre

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

The Black-Bellied Tarantula
The Banded Epeira
The Narbonne Lycosa
The Narbonne Lycosa: The Burrow
The Narbonne Lycosa: The Family
The Narbonne Lycosa: The Climbing-Instinct
The Spider's Exodus
The Crab Spider
The Garden Spiders: Building the Web
The Garden Spiders: My Neighbour
The Garden Spiders: The Lime-Snare
The Garden Spiders: The Telegraph-Wire
The Garden Spiders: Pairing and Hunting
The Garden Spiders: The Question of Property
The Labyrinth Spider
The Clotho Spider

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