Gateway to the Classics: The Story of Old France by H. A. Guerber
The Story of Old France by  H. A. Guerber


The Achievements of Charles V.
Achievements of Francis I.
Achievements of Louis XI.
The Battle of Bouvines
The Battle of Poitiers
The Battle of the Spurs
Beginning of Louis XI.'s Reign
The Beginning of the Hundred Years' War
The Brave du Guesclin
Caesar in Gaul
Catherine's Regency
Charlemagne's Manner of Life
Charlemagne's Wars
Charlemagne, Emperor
Charles VI.
Charles VIII.
Charles's Successes
Clotaire and His Relatives
Conquests of the Gauls
Conversion and Conquests of Clovis
The Crafty King Louis XI.
Death of Charles IX.
Death of Louis XII.
Death of the Knights Templar
The Disgraceful Treaty
The Effect of the Crusades
An Effeminate King
The End of Francis I.'s Reign
The End of the Merovingians
The First Christian Martyrs
The First Crusade
The First Kings
The Forced Wedding
France Long Ago
Francis I.
Gaul under the Romans
Good King Dagobert and His Successors
How the Franks Came into Gaul
How the Gauls Came into France
Joan to the Rescue
Joan's Captivity and Martyrdom
The Last of the Carolingians
A Love Story
The Massacre of the Huguenots
Misrule in France
More Crusades
The Normans Besiege Paris
Orleans and Rheims
The Patron Saint of France
The Priests of the Gauls
Regency of Blanche of Castile
The Reign of Henry II.
The Reign of Louis UX
Rivalry of Kings
Robert's Two Wives
Sailor Stories
The Saracens Checked
The Second Crusade
The Second Italian War
Seven Years of Misery (1356-1363)
The Siege of Calais
The Sixth Crusade
The Strassburg Oath
Troublesome Sons
Two Great Battles
Two Rival Queens
The Wealth of the Clergy
The Year One Thousand
A Young King and Queen

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