Gateway to the Classics: Greek Gods, Heroes, and Men by Caroline H. and Samuel B. Harding
Greek Gods, Heroes, and Men by  Caroline H. and Samuel B. Harding

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The Greeks
Zeus, the King of the Gods
Poseidon, the God of the Sea
Hades, the King of the Dead
Hera, the Queen of the Gods
Apollo, the God of Light
Artemis, the Huntress-Goddess
Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom
Hephaestus, the Smith-God
Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty
Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods
Ares, the God of War
Demeter, the Earth-Goddess
Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth
Dionysus, the God of Wine-Making
Pan, the God of Shepherds
Helios, the Sun-God
The Elder Gods
Prometheus, the Fire-Giver
Proteus, the Old Man of the Sea
Eros, the Love-God
The Labors of Heracles
Theseus and the Minotaur
Perseus and the Medusa
Jason and the Quest of the Golden Fleece
Achilles and the War about Troy
The Wanderings of Odysseus
What Lycurgus Did for Sparta
What Solon Did for Athens
How the Athenians Fought the Persians
How King Xerxes Marched against the Greeks
How the Spartans Fought at Thermopylae
How Themistocles Saved Greece
Aristides the Just
How Pericles Made Athens Beautiful
Alcibiades, and the War between Athens and Sparta
Socrates, the Philosopher
How Epaminondas Made Thebes Free
King Philip and Demosthenes
Alexander the Great

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