Gateway to the Classics: The Sandman: His Sea Stories by William J. Hopkins
The Sandman: His Sea Stories by  William J. Hopkins

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The Sandman: His Sea Stories
by William J. Hopkins
Twenty-one more stories about the sailing ship 'Industry' and the lads who sailed on it, including many exciting adventures such as their encounters with porpoises, flying fish, and sharks. Sequel to THE SANDMAN: His Ship Stories by the same author.  Ages 7-9
178 pages $9.95   

Table of Contents

The September-Gale Story
The Fire Story
The Porpoise Story
The Seaweed Story
The Flying-Fish Story
The Log-Book Story
The Shark Story
The Christmas Story
The Sounding Story
The Teak-Wood Story
The Stowaway Story
The Albatross Story
The Derelict Story
The Lighthouse Story
The Runaway Story
The Trafalgar Story
The Cargo Story
The Privateer Story
The Race Story
The Pilot Story
The Driftwood Story

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