Gateway to the Classics: The Poetry Book —3 by Miriam Huber
The Poetry Book —3 by  Miriam Huber

Table of Contents

Back Matter

Change About
Long Time Ago
A Boy's Mother
The Raggle, Taggle Gypsies
Very Nearly
The Horse
Farewell to the Farm
The Drum
"One, Two, Three!"
I Saw a Ship
The Little Green Orchard
The Swallow
Autumn Fires
The Rock-a-By Lady
The Arrow and the Song
King Bruce and the Spider
October's Party
The Sun's Travels
There Was a Crooked Man
The Man in the Moon
How the Leaves Came Down
Harry Hippopotamus
The Frost
The Little Elf-Man
The Cow
Robin Redbreast
Come, Little Leaves
Simple Simon
Jack Frost
Young Night Thought
Thanksgiving Day
Whole Duty of Children
Do the Best You Can
Flag Song
The Land of Story-Books
The Mountain and the Squirrel
Which Loved Best?
To Mother Fairie
Twenty-Fourth Psalm
A Legend of the Northland
I Can
Foreign Children
Lullaby of an Infant Chief
The Star
The Night Will Never Stay
Christmas Bells
The Lamb
Christmas Carol
A Child's Grace
Child's Evening Hymn
Ring Out, Wild Bells
The Wonderful Weaver
Norse Lullaby
The Owl
When I Was a Little Boy
The Flag Goes By
The City Mouse and the Garden Mouse
Lady Moon
Nicholas Nye
Cock a Doodle Doo
The Bluebird
Finding Fairies
The Voice of Spring
The Wonderful World
Pretty Cow
The Green Grass Growing All Around
Song from "April"
The Robin
Milking Time
A Song of Robin Hood's Men
Robin Hood and the Ranger
What I Like
What Do We Plant?
Over in the Meadow
If I Were a Sunbeam
The Basket-Makers
Robert of Lincoln
Song of the Fairy
If I Were Little as a Bee
Little Brown Hands
Foreign Lands
The Fountain
Can You?
How the Flowers Grow
The Peddler's Caravan
A Lobster Quadrille
From a Railway Carriage
Psalm 1
The Road to China
A Riddle
The Fairies Have Never a Penny To Spend
The Windmill
The Moon
The Sandman

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