Gateway to the Classics: The Heroes of Asgard by A. & E. Keary
The Heroes of Asgard by  A. & E. Keary

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

The Æsir

part i. A Giant,—a Cow—and a Hero
part ii. Air Throne, the Dwarfs, and the Light Elves
part iii. Niflheim
part iv. The Children of Loki
part v. Bifröst, Urda, and the Norns
part vi. Odhærir

How Thor Went to Jötunheim

part i. From Asgard to Utgard
part ii. The Serpent and the Kettle


part i. On Tiptoe in Air Throne
part i. The Gift
part i. Fairest Gerd
part i. The Wood Barri

The Wanderings of Freyja

part i. The Necklace Brisingamen
part ii. Loki—The Iron Wood—A Boundless Waste
part iii. The King of the Sea and His Daughters

Idūna's Apples

part i. Reflections in the Water
part ii. The Winged-Giant
part iii. Hela
part iv. Through Flood and Fire


part i. The Dream
part ii. The Peacestead
part iii. Baldur Dead
part iv. Helheim
part v. Weeping

The Binding of Fenrir

part i. The Might of Asgard
part ii. The Secret of Svartheim
part iii. Honour

The Punishment of Loki

part i. The Punishment of Loki


part i. Ragnarök, or, The Twilight of the Gods

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