Gateway to the Classics: The Middle Ages by Ellwood Wadsworth Kemp
The Middle Ages by  Ellwood Wadsworth Kemp

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Streams of History: The Middle Ages
by Ellwood Wadsworth Kemp
Presents the geographical conditions of Europe and their influence on the development of the Teutonic ideal of individual liberty. Then describes the influence of Christianity and the role of the monastery in preserving culture and setting high standards. Explains next how Roman, Christian, and Teutonic ideas mingled together in the development of Feudalism and the Feudal castle. Finally, relates how the crusades united the people of Western Europe in their first great enterprise and reopened the historical roadway to the arts, the ideas, and luxuries of the East.  Ages 10-12
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Table of Contents

The Teutonic Children of the Woods
How the Monastery Influenced the Germans
How the Castle Refined the Teuton
The Crusades

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