Gateway to the Classics: Heroes of the Great War by G. A. Leask
Heroes of the Great War by  G. A. Leask

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Australia's First V.C.
The First Airman to Destroy a Zeppelin
The Deathless Epic of 'L' Battery
The Great Deeds of Corporal Holmes at Le Cateau
The Undying Story of Captain F. O. Grenfell
Private George Wilson, who carried off a Maxim Gun
Corporal Dobson of the Coldstream Guards
A Thrilling Rescue in a Death-Zone
The Drummer-Boy who Took Command
Lieutenant Martine Leake, who Won Two V.C.s
Bandsman Rendle Rescues a Wounded Officer
The Immortal Deed of Sergeant O'Leary
Ten Heroes of Neuve Chapelle
Our Canadian V.C. Heroes
The Two Heroes of Hill60
Hero of the Second Battle of Ypres
Lance-Corporal Keyworth's Exploit at Givenchy
The Bravest Rescue of the War
Naval Officers who Penetrated the Dardanelles
Some Indian V.C. Heroes
A Trooper who Dragged a Comrade on a Shovel
Heroes of the Battle of Loos

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