Gateway to the Classics: The Princess and Curdie by George MacDonald
The Princess and Curdie by  George MacDonald

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The Princess and Curdie
by George MacDonald
Sequel to The Princess and the Goblin in which Curdie travels to Gwyntystorm, the capital city, with many adventures along the way. There he finds a group of corrupt courtiers plotting to seize the throne. With the aid of Lina, a curious monster, and forty-nine other strange animals, he clears the palaces of these conspirators, eventually marrying the princess and becoming heir to the kingdom. In the sphere of fantasy, author George MacDonald has few equals, and his rare touch of many aspects of life invariably gives to his stories a deeper meaning of the highest value.  Ages 7-10
248 pages $12.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Mountain
The White Pigeon
The Mistress of the Silver Moon
Curdie's Father and Mother
The Miners
The Emerald
What Is in a Name?
Curdie's Mission
The Heath
More Creatures
The Baker's Wife
The Dogs of Gwyntystorm
Derba and Barbara
The Mattock
The Wine Cellar
The King's Kitchen
The King's Chamber
The Loaf
The Lord Chamberlain
Dr. Kelman
The Prophecy
The Avengers
The Vengeance
More Vengeance
The Preacher
The Sacrifice
The King's Army
The Battle
The End

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