Gateway to the Classics: Stories from the Faerie Queene by Mary MacLeod
Stories from the Faerie Queene by  Mary MacLeod

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Stories from the Faerie Queen
by Mary MacLeod
A splendid retelling in prose of Edmund Spenser's English epic poem,The Faerie Queene, that is enjoyable on its own, while also providing background for reading the poem itself, as well as exciting interest in doing so. With the story and characters firmly fixed in mind, the reader will more easily navigate the archaic spelling and poetic form of the original.  Ages 13-18
355 pages $17.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Court of the Queen
The Wood of Error
The Knight Deceived by the Magician
The Knight Forsakes Una
Holiness Fights Faithless
Una and the Lion
In the Hands of the Enemy
The House of Pride
The Battle for the Shield
Una and the Woodland Knight
The False Pilgrim
Giant Pride
Prince Arthur
The Wondrous Bugle and Mighty Shield
The Knight with the Hempen Rope
In the Cave of Despair
The House of Holiness
The City of the Great King
The Last Fight
"Ease after War"
Sir Guyon Meets the Magician
Friend or Foe?
The Knight and the Lady
The Three Sisters
Fury's Captive
The Anger of Fire
The Idle Lake
The Realm of Pluto
The Cave of Mammon
The Champion of Chivalry
The House of Temperance
The Rock of Reproach
Sea-Monsters and Land-Monsters
The Bower of Bliss
How Sir Guyon Met a Champion
How Britomart Fought with Six Knights
Britomart in Castle Joyous
The Magic Mirror
The Cave of the Magician Merlin
How Britomart Set Forth on Her Quest
The Castle of the Churl Malbecco
How Britomart Walked through Fire
The Enchanted Chamber
How Britomart Rescued a Fair Lady
Strange Meetings
Sir Satyrane Proclaimed a Tournament
The Tournament
The Golden Girdle
The False Florimell
The House of Care
How the "Savage Knight" met the "Ebony Spear"
How Britomart Ended Her Quest
The Giant with Flaming Eyes
"For His Friend's Sake"
The Giant's Daughter
The Sword of Justice
The Saracen's Bridge
The Giant with the Scales
The Fate of the Snowy Lady
The Good Horse Brigadore
The Two Brothers and the Coffer
Radigund, Queen of the Amazons
How Sir Artegall Threw Away His Sword
The House of Guile
Battle of Radigund and Britomart
The Adventure of the Damsel
The Adventure at the Den of Deceit
The Adventure of the Tyrant Grantorto
The Quest of the Blatant Beast
The Proud Discourteous Knight
Coridon and Pastorella
In the Brigand's Den
The Beast with a Thousand Tongues

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