Gateway to the Classics: Lincoln by Lucy Foster Madison
Lincoln by  Lucy Foster Madison

Table of Contents

A Narrow Escape
Life in the Cabin
The Move
The New Home
A New Order of Things
Abraham's World Expands
The End of School Days
A Glimpse of the Great World
Land of the Illini—"Land of Grown-Up Men"
"Honest Abe"
An Unexpected Honor
Postmaster and Surveyor
A Plunge into Politics
In the Valley of the Shadow
"The Long Nine"
"The Sangamon Chief"
A Tempestuous Courtship
The Rising Politician
The Honorable Abraham Lincoln
In Private Life
The Fallow Years
The Statesman
The Gathering Storm
A Battle of Giants
The Man from Illinois
"Old Abram Is the Man"
The Breaking of the Storm
"Father Abraham"
The Martyr

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