Gateway to the Classics: Through Great Britain and Ireland With Cromwell by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
Through Great Britain and Ireland With Cromwell by  Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Childish Days
School Days
Man's Estate
The Lord of the Fens
The Gathering Storm
The Storm Breaks
The Thimble and Bodkin Army
The King at Oxford
Colonel Cromwell
The Self-Denying Ordinance
The King's Last Battle
The King Takes a Journey
The King Takes Another Journey
The Second Civil War
The Taking of Pembroke Castle
About Oliver's Next Battle-Field
A Three Days' Battle
Oliver's First Visit to Scotland
The King's Last Journey
About the Planting of Ulster
Oliver Goes to the Green Island
The Taking of Drogheda
More Conquests in Ireland
Oliver's Last Days in Ireland
Oliver's Second Visit to Scotland
The Battle of Dunbar
Oliver Goes to Stirling and Glasgow
The Story of Willie Wastle
Oliver Visits a Royalist House
The Crowning Mercy
Take Away That Bauble
The Lord Protector

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