Gateway to the Classics: Kristy's Christmas Surprise by Olive Thorne Miller
Kristy's Christmas Surprise by  Olive Thorne Miller

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Kristy's Christmas Surprise
by Olive Thorne Miller
When illness keeps Kristy at Grandma's for Christmas, she comes up with a most ingenious way to keep the holiday. She invites neighbors and relatives to a Christmas Eve gathering, announcing only after they arrive that they are all to tell a story of the oddest, most miserable, or most agreeable Christmas they ever spent. There follow 14 heartwarming tales that will call forth tears, dismay, laughter, and surprise. A fine collection of stories for family reading that embody the true spirit of Christmas.  Ages 7-10
176 pages $13.95   

Table of Contents

How It Happened
Christmas on the Prairie
A Droll Santa Claus
How a Bear Brought Christmas
Christmas under the Snow
Carol's Good Will
Out of an Ash-Barrel
How a Toboggan Brought Fortune
The Telltale Tile
The Birds' Christmas Tree
How the Horse Told
The Cat's Charm
May's Happy Thought
The Magic Figure
Christmas in the Alley

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