Gateway to the Classics: Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery
Anne of Avonlea by  L.M. Montgomery

Table of Contents

An Irate Neighbor
Selling in Haste and Repenting at Leisure
Mr. Harrison at Home
Different Opinions
A Full-fledged Schoolma'am
All Sorts and Conditions of Men . . . and Women
The Pointing of Duty
Marilla Adopts Twins
A Question of Color
Davy in Search of a Sensation
Facts and Fancies
A Jonah Day
A Golden Picnic
A Danger Averted
The Beginning of Vacation
The Substance of Things Hoped For
A Chapter of Accidents
An Adventure on the Tory Road
Just a Happy Day
The Way It Often Happens
Sweet Miss Lavendar
Odds and Ends
Miss Lavendar's Romance
A Prophet in His Own Country
An Avonlea Scandal
Around the Bend
An Afternoon at the Stone House
The Prince Comes Back to the Enchanted Palace
Poetry and Prose
A Wedding at the Stone House

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