Gateway to the Classics: Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery
Rainbow Valley by  L.M. Montgomery

Table of Contents

Home Again
Sheer Gossip
The Ingleside Children
The Manse Children
The Advent of Mary Vance
Mary Stays at the Manse
A Fishy Episode
Miss Cornelia Intervenes
Una Intervenes
The Manse Girls Clean House
A Dreadful Discovery
An Explanation and a Dare
The House on the Hill
Mrs. Alec Davis Makes a Call
More Gossip
Tit for Tat
A Double Victory
Mary Brings Evil Tidings
Poor Adam!
Faith Makes a Friend
The Impossible Word
St. George Knows All about It
The Good-Conduct Club
A Charitable Impulse
Another Scandal and Another "Explanation"
Miss Cornelia Gets a New Point of View
A Sacred Concert
A Fast Day
A Weird Tale
The Ghost on the Dyke
Carl Does Penance
Two Stubborn People
Carl Is—Not—Whipped
Una Visits the Hill
"Let the Piper Come"

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