Gateway to the Classics: Historical Tales: American II by Charles Morris
Historical Tales: American II by  Charles Morris

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth
De Soto and the Father of Waters
The Lost Colony of Roanoke
The Thrilling Adventures of Captain John Smith
The Indian Massacre in Virginia
The Great Rebellion in the Old Dominion
La Salle the Explorer of the Mississippi
The French of Louisiana and the Natchez Indians
The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe
How Oglethorpe Saved Georgia From Spain
A Boy's Working Holiday in the Wildwood
Patrick Henry, the Harold of the Revolution
Governor Tryon and the Carolina Regulators
Lord Dunmore and the Gunpowder
The Fatal Expedition of Colonel Rogers
How Colonel Clark won the Northwest
King's Mountain and the Patriots of Tennessee
General Greene's Famous Retreat
Eli Whitney, the Inventor of the Cotton-Gin
How Old Hickory Fought the Creeks
The Pirates of Barataria Bay
The Heroes of the Alamo
How Houston Won Freedom for Texas
Captain Robert E. Lee and the Lava-beds
A Christmas Day on the Plantation
Captain Gordon and the Raccoon Roughs
Stuart's Famous Chambersburg Raid
Forrest's Chase of the Raiders
Exploits of a Blockade-Runner
Fontain, the Scout, and the Besiegers of Vickburg
Gordon and the Bayonet Chart at Antietam
The Last Triumph of Stonewall Jackson
John Morgan's Famous Raid
Home-coming of General Lee and his Veterans

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