Gateway to the Classics: Historical Tales: Japanese and Chinese by Charles Morris
Historical Tales: Japanese and Chinese by  Charles Morris

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The First of the Mikados
How Civilization Came to Japan
Yamato-Dake, a Hero of Romance
Jingu, the Amazon of Japan
The Decline of the Mikados
How the Taira and Minamoto Fought for Power
The Bayard of Japan
The Hojo Tyranny
The Tartar invasion of Japan
Nobunaga and the Fall of the Buddhists
How a Peasant Boy Became Premier
The Founder of Yedo and Modern Feudalism
The Progress of Christianity in Japan
The Decline and Fall of Christianity in Japan
The Captivity of Captain Golownin
The Opening of Japan
The Mikado Comes to His Own Again
How the Empire of China Arose and Grew
Confucius, the Chinese Scholar
The Founder of the Chinese Empire
Koatsou and the Dynasty of the Hans
The Empress Poisoner of China
The Invasion of the Tartar Steppes
The 'Crimson Eyebrows'
The Conquest of Central Asia
The Siege of Sinching
From the Shoemaker's Bench to the Throne
Three Notable Women
The Reign of Taitson the Great
A Female Richelieu
The Tartars and Ghenghis Khan
How the Friars Fared Among the Tartars
The Siege of Sianyang
The Death-Struggle of China
The Palace of Kublai Khan
The Expulsion of the Mongols
The Rise of the Manchus
The Manchu Conquest of China
The Career of a Desert Chief
The Raid of the Goorkhas
How Europe Entered China
The Burning of the Summer Palace
The Great Christian Movement and its Fate
Corea and it Neighbors
The Battle of the Iron-Clads
Progress in Japan and China

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