Gateway to the Classics: The Story of Mexico by Charles Morris
The Story of Mexico by  Charles Morris

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Introduction to Mexico
Highlands and Lowlands
Condition of the People
Rich Products and Precious Metals
Oppression of the Working People
The Mexican Capital and Other Cities
Sporting Life in Mexico
Education, Religion, and Civilization
Railroad and Comercial Progress
Government and its Administration
Ancient Mexico
Cortes Conquers the Aztec Empire
Rule of the Spanish Viceroys
Winning of Freedom
War with the United States
The French Invasion and Maximillian
The Career of Porfirio Diaz
The Iron Hand of the Liberals
The Madero Revolution
President Madero and his Policy
The Assassination of Madero
Huerta and the Constitutionalists
Pancho Villa, Bandit and Hero
Relations with the United States
Insult to the United States
The American Army in Action
The Nations Seek Mediation

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