Gateway to the Classics: Hernando Cortes Conqueror of Mexico by Frederick A. Ober
Hernando Cortes Conqueror of Mexico by  Frederick A. Ober


An Alliance with the Totonacs
At Montezuma's Court
The Colonization of Mexico
Cortes Destroys his Fleet
Cortes Sets Out for Mexico
Encounters with the Tlascalans
The Great Battle of Tabasco
In Spain and Hispaniola
In the City of Mexico
In the Plumed Serpent's Land
An Invasion by Narvaez
Last Voyages and Last Days
A Massacre in the Holy City
The Midnight Retreat from Mexico
Montezuma a Prisoner
Montezuma's City Destroyed
The Perilous Expedition
Siege of the Aztec Capital
The Spaniards Meet with Disaster
With Velasquez in Cuba

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