Gateway to the Classics: Forest Neighbors by Edith M. Patch and Carroll Lane Fenton
Forest Neighbors by  Edith M. Patch and Carroll Lane Fenton

Table of Contents

The North Woods
The Herd in the Moose Yard
Nak-Kee and the Snowshoe Hare
Cheesay, the Lynx
The White-Tailed Deer
Travelers and Stay-at-Homes
Mother Mah-Kay and Her Cubs
Hoo! Hooh!
Chippy and Kan
Birds of a Forest Lake
Tha, the Marten
Brown-Wing of the Forest
Pini Cola, the Grosbeak Who Dwelt among the Pines
The Ruffs
Little Versi, Who Changed His Colors
The Beavers of Poplar Creek
Bomby and Vireo

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