Gateway to the Classics: Holiday Meadow by Edith M. Patch
Holiday Meadow by  Edith M. Patch

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Holiday Meadow
by Edith M. Patch
Within a sentence, this book takes the reader to the edge of a meadow thick with flowers. He must cross a bridge to reach it, but once safely on the other side, he can stretch and look about. Refocusing his senses, the child is free to listen to a crow's call, pat the old cow Daisy who is munching contemplatively away, notice the rustle of a mouse in the grass...and learn the first of many curious things about this 'holiday meadow.' A refreshing read.  Ages 8-10
103 pages $13.95   

Table of Contents

Holiday Meadow
"Spring is Here"
Whistling Wejack
A Bubble Blower
Hay Day
Star Nose
The Adventures of a Meadow Caterpillar
The Silk Funnel

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