Gateway to the Classics: The Irish Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins
The Irish Twins by  Lucy Fitch Perkins

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The Irish Twins
by Lucy Fitch Perkins
With Irish twins Larry and Eileen, we enjoy a visit to Granny Malone's and puzzle over the letter she has received from her son in America, a letter that sets the wheels in motion for all sorts of adventures. Along the way the twins encounter gypsies and discover a pig stuck in a bog that brings a change in fortune to their family. While following Larry and Eileen on their adventures, we gain a vivid understanding of the close-knit community life of the Irish countryside, as it existed a century ago.  Ages 7-9
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

Grannie Malone and the Twins
The Tea-Party
The Tale of the Leprechaun
The Tinkers
The Twins Get Home
How They Went to the Bog
The Bog
The Secret
The Fair
How They Sold the Pig
What They Saw
Mr. McQueen Makes Up His Mind
Mr. McQueen Pays the Rent
Twenty Years After

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