Gateway to the Classics: The Golden Windows by Laura E. Richards
The Golden Windows by  Laura E. Richards

The Stranger

dropcap image GOOD man was worshipping his God in sincerity and in truth; and as he worshipped, a Stranger came by, and stopped to observe him.

"Why do you worship alone, brother?" asked the Stranger.

"Because there is none in this place to worship with me," said the man.

"How is that?" asked the Stranger. "Do I not hear sounds as of worship from yonder open door, as if two or three were gathered together?"

"Oh, yes!" said the good man. "Those people are no doubt worshipping after their manner, but it is not the manner to which I am accustomed."

"But is it the same God whom they worship?" asked the Stranger.

"Oh, yes!" said the good man. "It is the same God, but there is everything in the way in which the thing is done."

"Is there truly?" said the Stranger. And he passed on, and went in at the open door.

The good man looked after him; and just then came by an Angel of his acquaintance.

"Do you know who that was who just spoke to me?" asked the man.

"Do you not know?" said the Angel.

"No!" said the man. "He is a stranger to me."

"Oh!" said the Angel. "If he is a stranger to you, I fear I can do nothing for you." And he followed his Master in at the door.

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