Gateway to the Classics: Fairy Tales Too Good To Miss—Upon the Rock by Lisa M. Ripperton
Fairy Tales Too Good To Miss—Upon the Rock by  Lisa M. Ripperton

Table of Contents

How the Whale Got His Throat
The Valiant Little Tailor
The Lords of the White and Grey Castles
Rocking-Horse Land
The Prince That Married a Nixie
The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo
The Christening
Changes in the Palace
A Distant Tower
The Travelling-Cloak
Through the Skylight
Living Creatures
Stirrings of Ambition
Helpless No More
A People To Serve
The Beginning of the Armadillos
The Story of Childe Charity
The Gods Know!
The Worker in Sandalwood
The Princess Who Had But One Accomplishment
The Constant Green Jerkin
The Harvestin' o' Dermond
Eiveen Cold-Heart
The Questin' o' Cleena
Ethlenn o' the Mist
Wild Apples an' Golden Grain
King Diarmid an' Pol
Fair Ailinn
The Servin' o' Culain
How Cormac Lost His Kingdom
Wind an' Wave an' Wandherin' Flame
Grainne the Haughty
Light o' Me Eyes
Conn the Boaster
The King o' the Three Winds
The Cat That Walked by Himself
The Stone Lion
The Weaver's Lass
Nose, the Dwarf
Sour and Civil

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