Gateway to the Classics: The Listener's Guide to Music by Percy A. Scholes
The Listener's Guide to Music by  Percy A. Scholes

Front Matter


T HE Author gratefully acknowledges his obligations: To Rev. Basil Yeaxlee, B.A., O.B.E, Secretary of the Universities Committee of the British National Council of Y.M.C.A.'s, who encouraged him to prepare this book for the use of the soldier classes in A Listener's Course in Music in France, and elsewhere, towards the end of the great war, and to Sir John D. McClure, Mus.D., LL.D., Chairman of the Music Committee of that Council, who added his approval and support.

To Sir Edward Elgar, O.M., and to Messrs. Novello & Co., Ltd., for permission to reproduce the page of the orchestral score of Elgar's Second Symphony. To Messrs. Hawkes & Son, for valuable help, including the use of their illustrated catalogues in the preparation of the plates giving pictures of orchestral instruments. To Mr. O. Kling, of Messrs. Chester & Co., for the loan of a set of over 300 Queen's Hall Promenade Concert Programmes used in the preparation of the Concert-goer's Glossary. To Mr. John Lane, for per-mission to use a lengthy quotation from d'Indy's César Franck.  To Mr. Myles Birket Foster, F.R.A.M., whose History of the Royal Philharmonic Society has proved of service. To Dr. Arthur Somervell and Mr. Theodore Walrond, of the Board of Education, and to a number of readers in all parts of the world who have made suggestions as to small additions and alterations, many of which have been incorporated in successive editions.

To his former colleague, Mr. A. Forbes Milne, M.A., Mus.B., for his valuable advice and for help with the proofs.

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