Gateway to the Classics: The Listener's Guide to Music by Percy A. Scholes
The Listener's Guide to Music by  Percy A. Scholes

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The Listener's Guide to Music
by Percy Scholes
 Ages 13-18
164 pages $11.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Need for a Guide
Some Simple Terms Explained
What the Listener Really Needs To Know
How the Composer Works
On the Principle of Design in Music
How Small Instrumental Pieces Are Made
On the Mysteries of 'Sonata-Form'
On the Sonata or Symphony as a Whole
'What Do You Mean by Your Mountainous Fugues'
On 'Programme' Music
On the Song, on Oratorio, and on Opera
The Orchestra and Its Instruments
Some Typical Combinations
The Chain of Composers
A Concert-Goer's Glossary

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