Gateway to the Classics: Winter by Dallas Lore Sharp
Winter by  Dallas Lore Sharp

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by Dallas Lore Sharp
At the first snowfall the author urges the reader to head out of doors in search of tracks and the stories they tell. He continues to point out the sounds and sights, the things to do, the places to visit, the how and why, that children may catch the spirit of the season, come to know the wild life of winter, and through that knowledge come to love winter for its own sake.  Ages 10-12
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Table of Contents

Hunting the Snow
The Turkey Drive
A Chapter of Things To See This Winter
Christmas in the Woods
A Chapter of Things To Do This Winter
The Missing Tooth
The Peculiar 'Possum
A February Freshet
A Breach in the Bank
A Chapter of Things To Hear This Winter
The Last Day of Winter
Notes and Suggestions

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