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Gulliver's Travels by  Jonathan Swift

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Gulliver's Travels
by Jonathan Swift
Accompany Gulliver on his first two voyages, the first to the land of Lilliputian dwarves and the second to the land of Brobdingnag giants. Marvel at how he survives by his wits in these vastly different settings and the miraculous ways he eventually escapes, to return to his native England for a short time before the call of the sea draws him to venture out again. Includes eight color illustrations and numerous line drawings by Arthur Rackham.  Ages 11-14
143 pages $14.95   

Table of Contents

In the Country of Lilliput
The Emperor of Lilliput
The Diversions of the Court of Lilliput
Mildendo, the Metropolis of Lilliput
An Extraordinary Stratagem
The Lilliputian Way of Living
Escape to Blefuscu
A Lucky Accident
Seized by Natives
The Farmer's Daughter
The Queen Buys Gulliver
The Country of Brobdingnag
Several Adventures
Contrivances To Please the King and Queen
The King's Great Ignorance
Progress to the Frontiers
Taken by Pirates
Humours and Dispositions of the Laputians
Modern Philosophy and Astronomy
Conveyed to Balnibarbi
The Grand Academy of Lagado
Gulliver Proposes Improvements
Voyage to Maldonada
In Glubbdubdrib
The Kingdom of Luggnagg
The Luggnaggians Commended
Sailing to Japan, Amsterdam, and England
Confined to Cabin
The Country of the Houyhnhnms
Language of the Houyhnhnms
Notions of Truth and Falsehood
The State of England
Chief Minister of State in European Courts
Gulliver's Great Love of England
The Great Virtues of the Houyhnhnms
The Grand Debate
Happy Life Among the Houyhnhnms
Dangerous Voyage
Gulliver Concludeth

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