Gateway to the Classics: The Awakening of Europe by M. B. Synge
The Awakening of Europe by  M. B. Synge

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The Awakening of Europe
by M. B. Synge
Book III of the Story of the World series. Covers the reformation in Germany, the Netherlands, France, and England, as well as the settlement of colonies in America. The rise of England and the Netherlands as sea powers, and the corresponding fall of Spain, as well as the rise of Russia, Austria, and the German states are also presented.  Ages 11-18
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

Story of the Netherlands
Brave Little Holland
A Wealth of Herrings
A Dutch Reformer
The Story of Martin Luther
The Diet of Worms
An Historic Scene
How the Trouble Began
The Storm Bursts
Beggars of the Sea
The Massacre of Bartholomew
The Siege of Leyden
William the Silent
Elizabeth's Sailors
Drake's Voyage round the World
The Great Armada
Among the Icebergs
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
Story of the Revenge
Sir Walter Raleigh
The Fairy Queen
A Great Dramatist
The Golden Days of Good Queen Bess
First Voyage of the East India Company
The Story of Henry Hudson
Captain John Smith
The Founding of Quebec
The Pilgrim Fathers
Thirty Years of War
The Dutch at Sea
The Great South Land
Van Riebeek's Colony
In the Days of Oliver Cromwell
Two Famous Admirals
De Ruyter
The Founder of Pennsylvania
The Pilgrim's Progress
The House of Orange
William's Invitation
The Struggle in Ireland
The Siege of Vienna by the Turks
The Greatness of France
The Story of the Huguenots
The Greatest General of His Age
The Battle of Blenheim
How Peter the Great Learned Shipbuilding
Charles XII of Sweden
The Boyhood of Frederick the Great
Anson's Voyage round the World
Maria Theresa
The Story of Scotland

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