Gateway to the Classics: The World at War by M. B. Synge
The World at War by  M. B. Synge

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The New German Empire
The Kaiser Rules
War in South Africa
L'Oncle de l'Europe
The Entente Cordiale
The Story of the Balkan States
The Years Between
The Lull before the Storm
Peace or War
The World at War
Through Belgium to France
Towards Paris
A Race to the Sea
The Western Front—Ypres
The Russian Allies
On the High Seas
The Western Front—Neuve Chapelle, Loos
The Tragedy of Serbia
The Fall of Kut
The Capture of Bagdad
The Western Front—Verdun, Somme
The Battle of Jutland
Italy Joins the Allies
The Last Efforts of Russia
The Russian Revolution
Germany Loses Her Colonies
America Declares War
The Western Front—Arras, Ypres, Cambrai
The Dover Patrol and Zeebrugge
The Capture of Jerusalem
The Conquest of Palestine
Germany's Last Effort
The Turn of the Tide
The Armistice
The Peace Treaty
A New Europe

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