Gateway to the Classics: The Story of the Greek People by Eva March Tappan
The Story of the Greek People by  Eva March Tappan

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Front Matter

Back Matter

In the Days of Myths
In the Days of Myths (continued)
How the Early Greeks Lived
How the Spartans Became Powerful
The Early Days of Athens: The Laws of Solon
The Rule of Pisistratus and the Alcmaeonidae
The Olympian Games
The Greek Colonies: The Tyrants
The First and Second Persian Expeditions
The Great Persian Invasion
The Great Persian Invasion (continued)
After the Persian War
The Age of Pericles
The Struggle between Athens and Sparta
The Sicilian Expedition
Fall of Athens
When Sparta Ruled
When Thebes Was in Power
Philip of Macedonia
Alexander the Great

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