Gateway to the Classics: Heroes of the Middle Ages by Eva March Tappan
Heroes of the Middle Ages by  Eva March Tappan


Alaric the Visigoth
Attila the Hun
Charles Martel
The Children's Crusade
Christopher Columbus
The Cid
The Coming of the Teutons to England
Country Life in the Middle Ages
The Edward the Black Prince
The Fall of Constantinople
Ferdinand Magellan
Francesco Petrarch
Genseric the Vandal
Henry the Fowler
Hugh Capet
Joan of Arc
John Gutenberg
King Alfred the Great
The Legend of King Arthur
Leif Ericsson, the Discoverer
The Life of the Knight
Magna Charta
Marco Polo
Peter the Hermit Leads the First Crusade
Richard the Lion-Hearted
Robert Bruce
Roger Bacon
Rollo the Viking
Rurik the Norseman
Saint Patrick
The Stories of William Tell and Arnold Von Winkelried
The Story of Beowulf
The Story of the Nibelungs
The Teutons and Their Myths
Theodoric the Ostrogoth
Town Life in the Middle Ages
Vasco da Gama
William the Conqueror

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