Gateway to the Classics: READING-LITERATURE: Fifth Reader by Harriette Taylor Treadwell
READING-LITERATURE: Fifth Reader by  Harriette Taylor Treadwell

Table of Contents

Jason and the Goddess
The Man with One Sandal
The Galley with Fifty Oars
The Adventures of the Argonauts
Jason and the Brazen-Footed Bulls
The Bell of Atri
Perseus and Medusa
A Legend of Bregenz
The Chimera
How the Robin Came
Sigurd the Volsung
The Walrus and the Carpenter
Father William
The Call to Telemachus
The Departure of Telemachus
The Raft of Odysseus
The Story of Aeolus
The Story of Circe
Odysseus Arrives Home
Odysseus and Telemachus
The Recognition by Euryclia
The King Reveals Himself
Robert of Lincoln
Grendel Visits Hrothgar's Hall
The Coming of Beowulf
The Fight with Grendel
Grendel's Mother, the Avenger
The Dragon
Lady Clare
The Bee and the Flower
The Brook
The Birth of Coohoolin
Boyhood of Coohoolin
The Taking of Arms
The Courting of Evir
The Champion of Ulster
The Death of Coohoolin
After Blenheim
The Inchcape Rock
How Robin Came to Live in the Forest
Robin Hood and Little John
Robin Hood Rescues Will Stutely
Little John a-Begging
Robin Hood and Will Scarlet
Robin Hood and Friar Tuck
Robin Hood and Queen Katherine
The King and Robin Hood
Robin Hood and the Ranger
Birth and Boyhood of the Hero
The Training of the Five Princes
The Enchanted Lake
The Great Festival
The Journey to the Holy Mount
The Descent Into Hades
The Arab and His Steed
An Apple Orchard in the Spring
The Kitten and the Falling Leaves
To a Butterfly
Bob White
Tampa Robins

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