Gateway to the Classics: READING-LITERATURE: Fourth Reader by Harriette Taylor Treadwell
READING-LITERATURE: Fourth Reader by  Harriette Taylor Treadwell

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by Harriette Taylor Treadwell
 Ages 9-11
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Table of Contents

How Thor Found His Hammer
The Apples of Idun
Winter Time
A Visit from the Sea
Armies in the Fire
The Gardener
Autumn Fires
The Unseen Playmate
Pirate Story
My Kingdom
Keepsake Mil
Summer Sun
The Dumb Soldier
The Moon
Windy Nights
Thor's Wonderful Journey
Balder the Beautiful
The Challenge of Thor
The Arrow and the Song
The Sermon of St. Francis
The Wreck of the Hesperus
The Windmill
Pandora, or The Paradise of Children
Baucis and Philemon, or The Miraculous Pitcher
The Sandpiper
The Scarecrow
Apollo and Daphne
Proserpina, or The Pomegranate Seeds
Hiawatha's Childhood
Hiawatha's Sailing
Hiawatha's Fishing
The Boyhood of Theseus
Theseus Overcomes Corynetes
Theseus Slays Sinis and Cercyon
Theseus Finds Egeus, His Father
Theseus Destroys the Minotaur
King Solomon and the Bees
The Blind Men and the Elephant
Hercules, or The Three Golden Apples
The Brook-Song
The Circus-Day Parade
The Man in the Moon
The Visit of the Southwest Wind Esquire
The Mug and the King
The Quest of the Two Black Brothers
Gluck's Quest and the Reward
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Rip Van Winkle
Sir Lark and King Sun
The Tax Gatherer
The Lullaby of an Infant Chief
The Tree

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