Gateway to the Classics: The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
The Prince and the Pauper by  Mark Twain

Table of Contents

Back Matter

The Birth of the Prince and the Pauper
Tom's Early Life
Tom's Meeting with the Prince
The Prince's Troubles Begin
Tom as a Patrician
Tom Receives Instructions
Tom's First Royal Dinner
The Question of the Seal
The River Pageant
The Prince in the Toils
At Guildhall
The Prince and His Deliverer
The Disappearance of the Prince
"Le Roi Est Mort—Vive le Roi"
Tom as King
The State Dinner
Foo-Foo the First
The Prince with the Tramps
The Prince with the Peasants
The Prince and the Hermit
Hendon to the Rescue
A Victim of Treachery
The Prince a Prisoner
The Escape
Hendon Hall
In Prison
The Sacrifice
To London
Tom's Progress
The Recognition Procession
Coronation Day
Edward as King
Justice and Retribution

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