Gateway to the Classics: The Story of the Great War by Roland G. Usher
The Story of the Great War by  Roland G. Usher

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Causes of the War
The Outbreak
The Causes of the War
The Lesson of Prussian History
The German Preparations for War
Why the War Began in 1914
The War in 1914
The Campaign on Paris
From the Marne to Antwerp
Why the British Empire Entered the War
How the Germans Made War
Sea-Power and the Blockade
A Bird's-Eye View of the War
The War in 1915
The Campaign of 1915
The Character of Modern Warfare
The Machinery of an Army
The Personalities of the War
With Hindenburg in Poland
The Causes of the Russian Military Collapse
Frightfulness: the Lusitania
Why Italy Entered the War
How the Germans Fought the Blockade
The War in 1916
The Campaign of 1916
The Battle of Jutland
Life in the Trenches
The War in the Air
The War in 1917
The Campaign of 1917
The Russian Revolution
Why the United States Entered the War
Messines Ridge
Italian Fighting in the Alps
Fighting the Submarine
Zeebrugge and Ostend
The Battle of the Tanks
With Allenby in Palestine
The War in 1918
The German Plans for the Campaign of 1918
The German Offensive of 1918
The Strategy of Foch
The First American Offensive—Cantigny
Belleau Wood
Three American Exploits
The Capture of St. Mihiel
The Final Problem
Breaking the Hindenberg Line
Who Won the War
Chronological Tables

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