Gateway to the Classics: The Retreat of the Ten Thousand by Frances Younghusband
The Retreat of the Ten Thousand by  Frances Younghusband

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Great King
The Persian Empire
The Rival Brothers
On the March
The Princess Epyaxa
Negotiations at Tarsus
From Tarsus to Myriandus
The Crossing of the Euphrates
In the Desert
The Treachery of Orontes
The King Approaches
Before the Battle
The Battle of Cunaxa
The Treaty with Ariaeus
The Treaty with the Great King
The Defection of Ariaeus
A Conference with Tissaphernes
The Treachery of Tissaphernes
Election of Officers
Xenophon Addresses the Troops
Annoyed by Mithridates
Harassed by Tissaphernes
The Last of Tissaphernes
The River or the Mountains?
The Carduchians
Seizing a Pass
A Long Day's Fighting
The Crossing of the Kentrites
The Satrap Tiribazus
An Armenian Winter
Armenian Villages
The Taochians
The Sea! The Sea!
The Macronians
The Games at Trebizond
The After-life of Xenophon

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