Raymond Macdonald Alden
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Raymond Macdonald Alden

(1873 – 1924)

1908 Why the Chimes Rang 1 Literature / Fairy Tales / Literary

Charles Madison Curry and Erle Elsworth Clippinger in their Children's Literature (1920, 1921) give the following introduction to an excerpt from Why the Chimes Rang:

Two stories of unusual interest and charm for children are found in the collection of eleven by Raymond M. Alden (1873—), Why the Chimes Rang. One is the title story of the volume; the other is "The Knights of the Silver Shield." The latter follows by permission of the publishers, The Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis. (Copyright, 1906, 1908.) It is of striking dramatic interest and emphasizes a much-needed quality of character, the importance of a loyal performance of the lowlier duties of life. The salvation of a nation may depend upon the humble guardian of the gate quite as much as upon those who are engaged in the more spectacular struggle with giants. Mr. Alden is a scholarly professor of literature in Leland Stanford Jr. University, and it may interest the reader to know that he is the son of the author of Pansy Books, a type of religious of Sunday-school fiction widely read throughout the country by a generation or two of young people.

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