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Ella Noyes

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Ella Noyes (1863-1949) was one of three sisters who lived together for almost fifty years in a house called "Fosters" in Sutton Veny, in Wiltshire. The three sisters were considered to be slightly eccentric. Being feminists, they never married or had children, but they loved children and were very interested in their upbringing. They were buried together under one tombstone in St. John the Evangelist Church in Sutton Veny.

Sutton Veny was a small town of only about 600 people; however, the three sisters traveled often to Italy, spoke Italian fluently and were fascinated by Italian culture. This interest was reflected in the many books Ella Noyes wrote about Italy—many of which were illustrated by her sister, Dora Noyes, an artist who exhibited at the Royal Academy.

Saints of Italy was the only children's book Ella Noyes wrote. She did, however, write many travel books about Italy and England, including The Story of Ferrara and Salisbury Plain, Its Stones, Cathedral, City, Villages and Folk. She also translated Mazzini's The Duties of Man and Other Essays from the Italian.

Note: This brief biography was written by Erica Obey using information from "Le Sorelle Noyes," Cecil H. Clough. In I Disegni Ritrovati di Dora Noyes. Per "The Story of Ferrara" di Ella Noyes—1904. Ferrara:Deputazione Provinciale Ferraese di Storia Patria, 1996.

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