Gateway to the Classics: Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales and Wonder Stories by Louis Rhead
Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales and Wonder Stories by  Louis Rhead


"It's Quite True!"
"What the Goodman Does Is Sure To Be Right!"
The Beetle
The Buckwheat
The Constant Tin Soldier
The Court Cards
The Daisy
The Darning-Needle
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Farm-yard Cock and the Weather-Cock
The Fir-Tree
Five out of One Shell
The Flax
The Flying Trunk
The Girl Who Trod upon Bread
The Happy Family
The Ice-Maiden
The Leap-Frog
Little Claus and Big Claus
Little Ida's Flowers
The Little Match-Girl
The Little Sea-Maid
The Naughty Boy
The Nightingale
The Nis at the Grocer's
The Princess on the Pea
The Red Shoes
The Rose-Elf
The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep
The Snail and the Rose-Tree
The Snow Man
The Snow-Queen
Soup Made of a Sausage-Stick
The Storks
The Summer-Gowk
Sunshine Stories
The Swineherd
The Tinder-Box
The Toad
The Ugly Duckling
What Happened to the Thistle
The Wild Swans

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