Gateway to the Classics: Four American Naval Heroes by Beebe, Mabel Borton
Four American Naval Heroes by  Beebe, Mabel Borton

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Story of Paul Jones
The Little Scotch Lad
The Young Sailor
The Beginning of the American Revolution
Lieutenant Paul Jones
The Cruise of the Alfred
Captain Paul Jones
The Cruise of the Ranger
The Ranger  and the Drake
The Bon Homme Richard
The Great Fight with the Serapis
Honor to the Hero
The Return to America
Ambitious Hopes
Sad Disappointments

The Story of Olver H. Perry
How the Perry Family Came to Rhode Island
School Days
Plans for the Future
The Cruise in the West Indies
The War with the Barbary States
More Trouble with England
War on the Canadian Border
Oliver Perry Builds a Fleet
"We Have Met the Enemy and They Are Ours"
What Perry's Victory Accomplished
On the Mediterranean Again
Captain Perry's Last Cruise

The Story of Admiral Farragut
The Little Midshipman
The Loss of the Essex
The Trip on the Mediterranean
War with the Pirates
From Lieutenant to Captain
The Question of Allegiance
The Capture of New Orleans
The Battle of Mobile Bay
Well-Earned Laurels

The Story of Admiral Dewey
Causes of the War with Spain
The Battle of Manila
The Boyhood of George Dewey
Dewey as a Naval Cadet
From Lieutenant to Commodore
The American Navy in Cuban Waters
The Cruise of the Oregon
Lieutenant Hobson and the Merrimac
The Destruction of Cervera's Fleet
The End of the War
Life on an American Man-of-War
Some Facts about the Navy of 1898

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