Gateway to the Classics: The Story of Music and Musicians for Young Readers by Lucy C. Lillie
The Story of Music and Musicians for Young Readers by  Lucy C. Lillie

Table of Contents

Keyboard Instruments
Development of Musical Standards and Notation
The Family of Notes and the First Rules of Harmony
John Sebastian Bach and Passion Music
Rhythm, Time, and Keys
George Frederick Handel, Musical Genius
The Development of the Opera
Francis Joseph Haydn, Founder of the Symphony
The Development of the Sonata
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Child Prodigy
Ecclesiastical Music
The Life and Music of Ludwig von Beethoven
The Concerto
Carl Maria von Weber—Operas and Overtures
The Development of the Orchestra
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Genius Composer
Chopin, Schubert, and Schumann—A Trio
Musical Culture
The Study of Music

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