Gateway to the Classics: Historical Tales, Vol I: American by Charles Morris
Historical Tales, Vol I: American by  Charles Morris

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Vineland and the Vikings
Frobisher and the Northwest Passage
Champlain and the Iroquois
Sir William Phips and the Silver-ship
Story of the Regicides
How the Charter was Saved
How Franklin Came to Philadelphia
Perils of the Wilderness
Some Adventures of Major Putnam
Gallant Defense
Daniel Boone, the Pioneer of Kentucky
Paul Revere's Ride
Green Mountain Boys
British at New York
Quakeress Patriot
Siege of Fort Schuyler
On the Track of a Traitor
Marion, the Swamp Fox
Fate of the Philadelphia
Victim of a Traitor
How the Electric Telegraph was Invented
Monitor and the Merrimac
Stealing a Locomotive
Escape from Libby Prison
Sinking of the Albemarle
Alaska—Gold, Furs, and Fishes
How Hawaii Lost its Queen

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