Gateway to the Classics: The Fairy Book by Dinah Maria Mulock
The Fairy Book by  Dinah Maria Mulock


Adventures of John Dietrich
Beauty and the Beast
The Blue Bird
The Bremen Town Musicians
Brother and Sister
The Butterfly
Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper
Clever Alice
The Fair One with Golden Locks
The Frog-Prince
Graciosa and Percinet
The Hind of the Forest
House Island
The Invisible Prince
The Iron Stove
Jack and the Bean-Stalk
Jack the Giant-Killer
The Juniper-Tree
Little One Eye, Little Two Eyes, Little Three Eyes
Little Red-Riding-Hood
Little Snowdrop
Prince Cherry
The Prince with the Nose
Puss in Boots
Riquet with the Tuft
The Six Swans
The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood
Snow-white and Rose-red
Tom Thumb
The White Cat
The Wolf and the Seven Young Goslings
The Woodcutter's Daughter
The Yellow Dwarf

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